Wooden Wonders for Kids of All Ages

Welcome to Wisconsin Wood Chuck's wooden wonders. Please browse and see all our starter collectibles from $3.00 cars to priceless collectibles.

Our business began as a hobby building collectibles for our grandchildren. It has grown through the years to include not only collectibles for kids to enjoy but construction equipment, vintage automobile, train and tractor/trailer replicas for the collector's desk or mantle. Many of the replicas have been purchased as a unique gift for the individual who has everything.

We do not STAIN or USE LEAD PAINT on our collectibles!


Craft Show Schedule

Due to travel expense and health issues we will not be participating in any art or craft shows this season; however, we keep working on toys and other stock and invite you to browse in our on-line store. 

There are several new items added from the past year and Chuck continues to work on more daily, so keeping visiting.  The toys are still available on the Internet or by contacting us directly at 715-282-5953 or sales@wisconsinwoodchuck.com

We will miss visiting with you at the shows. 




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Last updated:   10/31/2014


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