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Wooden Wonders for Kids of All Ages

About Us

What Makes Us Different

It is our pleasure to build a quality product which will become a family heirloom. All of our collectibles are built to withstand age appropriate use. It gives us great pleasure when customers come back year after year telling us about the enjoyment provided by our collectibles.

A limited amount of the collectibles are built each year. They are all signed, dated and numbered by us.

We think you will be pleased with the old-fashioned craftsmanship in all our items. We take pleasure in "signing our name" to our work.

Customer Service Policies

It is our pledge that you be completely satisfied or your money will be refunded completely, however, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. There will be a four to six week delay in out-of-stock items as these pieces are all individually handcrafted.

We do not STAIN or USE LEAD PAINT on our collectibles

Employee Profiles

M106 - Deluxe Wrecker - Call or email for price
Chuck Felten
Prior to my unexpected retirement from a 40+ year career as a union sheet metal worker, I started woodworking as a hobby. I started by building a car from a pattern in Woodworker's Journal. That first car grew to encompass collectibles for all ages - everything from a $1.00 car to a $3000.00 train. I especially take pleasure in building construction equipment replicas which are completely detailed out. In fact, I have a story about one of the construction replicas. A Caterpillar scraper that I had on display at a local supperclub was seen by an attorney. He went on to buy the scraper and use it in court to demonstrate for the jury and went on to win the case. After an unfortunate work-related injury, I was forced to retire and now devote full-time to building my collectibles. now designing many of them as well. I guess I am really a frustrated, overgrown kid who didn't have enough collectibles. Now I have 2 rooms of collectibles in display in my home topped off by a 22' trestle with the collector train. I'm finally getting all the collectibles I want.
I102 - Eight Point Buck
Leslie Felten As Chuck's wife, I started helping him glue small parts, trace patterns and other miscellaneous tasks as the 'prentice. My interest in woodworking grew and Chuck taught me how to do intarsia. I enjoy building animals, particularly those representative of our beautiful north woods, i.e., eagles, deer, moose, wolves and fish.


Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 11:28 AM

Subject: Re: Testimonial

I have 16 construction and trucking models built by Woodchuck. As an owner of working construction equipment and commercial trucks, I have never seen such Quality and detail put into  a scale or wooden replica. The selection is vast and new models are introduced almost monthly. These are a timeless treasure, surely to appreciate in value as craftsman of this caliber retire from the trade . The only problem I have found with these replicas is I no longer have room to display them all!!! Bob LaVoie   Park Falls, wis.  June 2001


Carved wooden eagle gift - Potawatomi Gathering 2000

Thank you for the abovementioned gift.  We originally requested one of our veterans keep this, however, he suggested it should hang within our Administration Building.  It now hangs directly behind our receptionist's desk where everyone who enters the building has a good view of it.  Various comments about the artwork itself and the artist are made daily.  Appreciation and acknowledgement is given.

Chief Joseph B. Gilbert                                                            Bkejwanong Territory                                                                         Walpole Island,                                                                              Ontario August 29, 2000



Wood Chucks!

Thank you for the wonderful art work you have done for the Tribal Court. 

We appreciate the craftsmanship and have received compliments on the beautiful design.

Tribal Court Staff                                                                             Forest County Potawatomi                                                                  June 8, 2001



I am once again in need of tow trucks and would like to pick up six each of the large deluxe wrecker as well as the small wrecker.  If memory serves me right, this will bring me to a total of 30 units now.  The tow truck operators are amazed by the fine detail in these trucks.  They have been a wonderful fund raiser for the World Wrecker Museum in Chattanooga.  Let me know when these will be ready.

Best Regards,                                                                                   Don Rolling                                                                                      Don's Towing                                                                             Madison, WI

June 10, 2001

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